We are Eco925. A small independent retail Jewellery company from the U.K. We produce trend-setting, stylish, affordable jewellery. More importantly our brand sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd, by being one of the only Jewellery companies worldwide to be actively Green from 9 to 5 (in every sense of the word). 
A large proportion of our silver is recycled and all of it is U.K standard 925 sterling silver. We promise to use ethically sourced, natural materials and gemstones. At all times looking to create the lowest possible carbon footprint.

On the rare occasions we need to use new material we have committed to using fair trade Silver as part of the fair trade registered goldsmiths. 

It doesn't stop there either; even our beautiful gift boxes and gift pouches are made from recycled materials! This is why whenever you see Eco925 it will always be: A Gift To The Earth, And The One Who Means The World To You.

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