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Vintage and Second Hand

Our collection of vintage and second hand jewellery. Carefully selected and restored gold and silver jewellery. From elegant engagement rings to chic vintage designs. You will find styles from Victorian, Edwardian and art deco time periods. Each item is a unique one off piece. The stock is regularly changing so you should check back regularly to see what's available.

We take pride when hand picking our vintage jewellery. Selecting pieces from antique fairs or saving stunning jewellery pieces that would otherwise be put into the bullion dealers melting pots.


Our jewellers restore our items, but keep the vintage appearance where possible. We will always try to give the buyer as much information as possible on our vintage jewellery and will only ever sell hallmarked pieces for your reassurance. 

When ever we restore our second hand jewellery we promise to only use recycled or new fair trade gold of the same quality and purity as the vintage piece. Matching the gold colour as best possible.

Every ring is sold at the specified size. Due to the expense in sizing gold items we recommend if you item needs sizing that you attend a local jewellers for the re-sizing. This way an accurate size can be gauged in person. For this reason all of our vintage and second hand jewellery is exceptionally well priced.

All second hand and vintage jewellery is sold as seen and therefore excluded from our twelve month warranty. T&C's apply for more details see here.

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