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Eco-Friendly Silver Rings

Unique and timeless bohemian designs. Our collection of eco-friendly silver rings is continually being expanded. With an array of alternate gemstones to express your individuality. From dress rings and gifts, to the ultimate token of loyalty and romance. Every gem is ethically sourced and every ring built without detriment to the environment.

About our Rings

Every ring design that is created at Eco925 is the result of months of concept and careful planning. Ensuring the designs live up to our ethos and more importantly your expectations.

For centuries the ring has been a token of friendship and romance that spans as far back as early Egyptian and Greek history. Although the first well document use of an engagement ring was gifted to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 by the archduke Maximilian of Austria.

Whether you are looking for the ideal engagement ring or are marking another significant occasion, you can rest assured that Eco925 subjects all its jewellery to the most stringent quality control. We are proud to stand by our jewellers fine craftsmanship and offer a twelve month warranty with every purchase. For T&C's see here.

Assurance of quality can be found in every Eco925 ring in the form of an assay mark. You will find the sterling silver purity of nine hundred and twenty five (925) stamped inside every ring we make. We are so passionate about the quality of our silver we dedicated our company's name to the sterling purity.

Looking for a little proposal inspiration? Or do you have a special story?

You can find a number of engagement ideas and proposal stories all from real customers like you. From the unique and quirky, to the traditional and romantic:

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