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Proposal Stories

Inspiration and proposal stories from real customers. From the quirky and unique to the traditional and romantic.

The Traditional Romantic: Gemma and Martin

"Martin caught me completely by surprise. It was 5 years since we had met and he wanted to take me out for a nice meal. It was very posh, low lit with beautiful candles. After the food the waiter came over and started pouring me some champagne, but I hadn't asked for any. Then I turned around and Martin had come about the table and gotten down on one knee. He opened a little box and there it was, my beautiful ring. I was in so much shock at the time, I can't remember how long I left him there sweating nervously haha. But of course I said yes! Only then I remember being aware that I was still in restaurant, because everyone started clapping. It was so romantic!"

champagne glasses on tray
purple flowers on hillside with tree at sunset
The Intirmate Outdoors : Jamie and Laura

"I had been planning proposing to Laura for months, but never quite seemed to work out when would be the right moment. So one day I convinced her that we should take Bono on a long walk. He's my dog by the way, we only have furry children! So we piled into the car and I drove up towards Great Ayton. We decided to walk all the way to the top of Roseberry Topping. To be fair, I was knackered when I got to the top, but the view was incredible. As we sat there in silence taking it in, I knew that it was the right moment. So right there I proposed to Laura. She said yes right away. We stayed up there for ages, in our little moment, before walking back down to tell the rest of the world.

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