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Ojibwe is the Comanche form of the word spider thought to weave webs to catch our dreams. The bad dreams would be held and eaten by the asabikeshiinh spirit, while the good dreams would pass through down the feathers.

Inspired by the native American legends, we have created a series of sterling silver grade earrings, which have been forged in the Black Country UK from Eco925 Silver.

This pendant has been designed with seven yellow and golden natural amber cabochon cut gemstones in each earring. Three independently moving feathers grace the bottom of the earrings.

This earrings carry's the name puhihwitsikwasʉ after the old Comanche Chief. In english it translates to Iron jacket, as it was believed that he had the power to use his breath to blow bullets out of his path. It is a tradition of rank of the Chief was represented by the size of their feathered headdresses and so by the same token our most decorative pendant in the collection is named after this mighty Chieftain.

The Earrings are affixed to two sterling silver hooks that have a full length drop of 50mm (from the top of the hook to the bottom of the feathers).

Presented in a 100% recycled  branded presentation box with jewellery insert made from eco-friendly materials. Created in association with and certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Material: Sterling silver
Stone: Amber
Weight total: 4.8 grams (2.4 each)

Silver Dreamcatcher Earrings with Amber

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