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A pair of wire back drop dangle earrings made from our sustainable sterling grade Eco-silver. A form or recycled silver. Graced with a pair of cabochon cut pieces of famous Whitby Jet. Prized for its mirror like reflection. Ethically attained from a tidal deposit in Robin Hood bay, just a fe miles down the coast from the famous English town Whitby after which the gemstone takes it's name. Cut by local lapidary (gemstone cutters), before being in our silver mounts. Each earring carries a sterling 925 hallmark, laser struck on the wire fixing.

Whitby Jet gained huge popularity throughout the Victorian era when the British Royal Monarch Queen Victoria took to wearing Jet jewellery during her time of mourning for her late husband  Prince Albert. Jet is approximately 180 years old and is made from the fossilised wood of an Araucaria tree, which is a close relative to the Monkey Puzzle Tree we have today. Though jet the gemstone can be found in other countries e.g. the north coast of Spain. It is only Whitby Jet that is truly Black. Every other variety is a dark brown. For more information see 'Jet Streak Test'.

The gemstone is now illegal to mine due to its scarcity and for ethical reasons to the surrounding areas of beauty. Jet is now found at the cliffs of the coastline as they erode and it is washed up on the shore as picking from the cliffs is dangerous and outlawed.

This pair of earrings are perfect for special occasions and evening wear.

Marquise Cut Jet Silver Dropper Earrings

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