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Introducing the exquisite Goldstone Pendant from our Echoes Collection. Drawing inspiration from the shimmering stars in the night sky, this piece showcases a captivating goldstone cabochon set in a sterling silver bezel. The pendant comes with an 18-inch chain, making it an impeccable statement piece for any occasion.

Goldstone, also known as aventurine glass, is a man-made gemstone produced by adding metallic flecks to molten glass. The result is a stunning sparkly effect that mimics the night sky. This distinct gemstone is believed to promote vitality and positive energy, making it an immensely popular choice for jewelry design.

This pendant, measuring 23mm in width and 40mm in length, is the ideal size for everyday wear. Whether you are looking for a special gift or a treat for yourself, the Goldstone Pendant is guaranteed to catch everyone's attention.

Indulge in the beauty and elegance of this unique gemstone by adding this stunning piece to your jewelry collection today.

Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant with Goldstone Gemstone

    • Handmade item

    • Dispatches from a small business in 

      United Kingdom

    • Pendant width: 23 Millimetres; Pendant height: 40 Millimetres; Necklace length: 18 Inches

    • Materials: Silver

    • Gemstone: Aventurine

    • Style: Avant garde

    • Recycled

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