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The Apple Heart Collection 2018

List listing is for a pair of Green coloured amber apple heart stud earrings only. Inspired by the phrase "apple of my eye": to desire someone above anything else. The amber is held in a frame mount, designed in a heart shape with an apple stalk top. The silver is partially hollow at the back to make it more comfortable to wear as well as more affordable to produce. We had a lot of joy making the models and casting for this line and are sure you will love them. They are perfect for everyday wear. Stud earrings come with butterfly backs. We recommend with regular wear that you attend a local jewellers to ensure that butterfly scrolls remain secure.

Matching pendants are available:

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Reasons to buy from Eco925:

✓ Truly Eco Friendly Sustainable Jewellery
✓ Free 100% Recycled Jute Gift Bag
✓ Free 100% Recycled Pillow Gift Box
✓ Free Worldwide Shipping

Green amber apple heart silver earrings

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