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To the movies!

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Hi Eco-followers,

So this week we have decided to try something new and a little different. We are currently starting to experiment with a little bit of videography. It all still new to us too, so please bare with us as we slowly update the site. If there are any particular products you would love to see come to life, let us know and we can give them priority.

This has all come about from a prompt on our etsy platform dash board. So we though why drag ourselves into the digital age (most certainly kicking and screaming I assure you). We will likely take the time to bring a few of the older images in line with the shiny new ones while we are at it.

I am interested to see how the wix platform copes with all the new videos. If we find it slows down the webpage, we may have to revert back to stills and source video links through youtube. Any feedback on load speeds would be appreciated. After all we do this to help make a smoother buying experience for all of you!

On a brighter note it does look like we are coming towards the end of the covid- apocalypse. So delivery times will be back to normal before we know it. Remember folks, last day for Christmas orders is 11th of Dec for international orders and 22nd of December for UK.

Stay safe out there.

Love and Peace

Emily Smith


P.S IF you haven't got Christmas sorted yet, stop reading blog posts and head over to the shop.

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