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To have and to hold

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Spring has finally broken through the wintry chill, meaning only one thing. Wedding season is coming! Here at Eco925 we have been busy creating a brand new online 'fitting room'. With lots more wedding ring designs and silver band profiles to choose from. Ensuring that you get your perfect fit! After all the wedding ring is at the centre of your big day and the only token to follow you every day through married life! So it is important to us that you find the right one that you will love for years to come.

Our 'Fitting Room' now has sketched profiled views of each wedding ring, so that you can see the exact shape and size. As each band is cast we will do our upmost to provide you with updates via our social media, so you can actually see your wedding rings being made. This can be seen through our twitter or Instagram accounts.

A common question we get asked is "how do I know what size I am?". Well the good news is we have though of this too. You can use our comprehensive ring sizing guide. With a printable ring sizer and international ring size conversion chart. On request we can make up ring to international sizes or sizes above the selection gauge. Please do ask and we can assist, the largest ring size we have ever made was a Z+5 and had to use a bangle mandrel to shape it! Where there's a will there is a way.

We can also provide helpful advice on the best profile to fit with your engagement ring, to ensure maximum comfort. Looking forwards, as our business grows, we hope to be able to offer bespoke fitting services for engagement rings, to perfect the ideal fitting for uniquely shaped designs.

We will soon be updating our ever growing green wedding guide to include more eco-friendly and ethical brands. So that you can organise the perfect sustainable wedding.

By request we are slowly starting to make our ethical wedding bands from Gold and Platinum. But only in association with our Fairtrade registered goldsmith agreement. Meaning all the material we use in making these rings is 100% purchased from a local Fairtrade registered bullion dealer and will carry the Fairtrade hallmark.

The new social aspect of our website will soon be up and running where you will be able to create a profile and upload pictures and comment on posts. We would love it if you would send in pictures of your big day and any jewellery we made that helped make it extra special.

Love and Peace

Emily Smith

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