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Mini update

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

As any small business owner knows, you end up having to be a bit of a one person company. Whether its creating your product, being the photographer, editor, post and distribution, social media and marketing and let's not forget finance. If we didn't love what we do, it would be enough to drive us mad. Our weekend off has been spent playing around with some website code back of house. The long and short is I think we finally did it. We have managed to get our website inventory to speak to our social media pages! 😁

Hooray! It was not easy, but now we should be able to start tagging our products in Facebook and Instagram. Which will give you direct links to the product on our website. This should update with brand new products too. In theory, we will see when we start adding a few more of our newly restored vintage jewellery.

If you are a tiny business like us just starting out and would like to know how to do the back of house inventory connection, please just drop us a line. We believe in share and helping whenever we can.

Right better get back into the workbench.

Love and peace

Emily Smith

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