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Cabochon Chaos talk from the bench

We have been busy bees indeed over at Eco925. Preparing to bring you our latest offerings. Our in house gemologist has been hand selecting a series of very special gemstones for our forthcoming new lines.

The idea being that we will put up a new line offering every monday for the next 19 weeks. Yes you read that correctly, including the two we have already shown you, that makes a total of 21 brand new jewellery rings, purely in rings alone! With every one of them being a different gemstone. The majority are of course smooth cabochon cuts (half sphere shaped), with a few gemstones being faceted to best suit their properties.

Each gemstone has come from our lapidary, who has been working overtime, just for us. We have cast them all in our sustainable Eco-silver.

To see which of our lines you prefer the most, we have cast us one in each size, but are offering every single ring in sizes L through to T, with a 2 week lead time to create, which will include the hallmarking time.

If that wasn't enough for you, we have additionally been intricately creating an offering of brand new bracelets too. In a completely new setting design, we have made a silver frame around each faceted gemstone to let in as much light as we can. We are most certainly going 60's with bright and bold colours to choose from. So stay tuned every Thursday for the next 12 weeks (yesterday included) to see our new bracelet designs.

This little beauty above is quartz, which is the perfect colour of a sapphire. Which means you can drop an extra Zero off the end of the price, being far more affordable and great value for your money. We have made each one with a little extension link of between 18 and 20cm.

Be sure to get in touch and let us know your thoughts over the coming weeks. You can find all our new ranges at anytime by going to our new Jewellery page.

Love & peace

Emily Smith

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