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New items

We at Eco925 pride ourselves at being an innovative company embracing the increasing demand for environmentally conscious jewellery.  With the modern buyer seeking high quality, meaningful jewellery pieces, we strive to introduce 30 unique designs every six months. Each and every one created at exceptional value without detriment to the environment, so that you can wear your Eco925 jewellery with pride.  

At Eco925 we take great pride in seeing a concept take form and become an exquisite piece of jewellery. Embracing the challenging demands of modern fashion and ensuring we hold true to our core environmental values.


We are continually innovating new designs, drawing inspiration from nature and the world around us. With every step bringing our sketches closer to physical form. 

As we strive to continually produce beautiful pieces of jewellery, over 30 new designs are added to our range every six months; each one of them produced using recycled 925 sterling silver. On the rare occasion new material is needed we honour our pledge as Fair Trade register goldsmiths and use ethically scoured Fair Trade sterling silver and gold.

Every new product we create must uphold our stringent high levels of quality for which we are known. Every item of jewellery is hand crafted and tested for its 925 sterling silver purity at assay. Reassuring every purchase is to the highest standards.

To further this pledge of quality we also offer a twelve month warranty with any purchase made. T&C's apply for more details see here.

At Eco925 we ensure that we are constantly introducing new items to all areas of our product range. We strive to update our rings, necklaces, earrings and bangles, as well as many other items, on a regular basis. This makes Eco925 a continually evolving brand producing modern, stylish designs. Ensuring that we and more importantly you, are always ahead of the trend.

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