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Ethical Silver Pendants & Necklaces

Discover our range of enchanting pendants and necklaces. Responsibly sourced with the smallest possible carbon footprint. You are sure to find plenty of inspiration for that modern fashion statement or timeless gift. Choose from our ever expanding range of hand crafted jewellery. Every piece made by fair trade registered goldsmiths using as much upcycled sterling silver as possible.

About our Pendants and Necklaces

We aim to produce Jewellery you can feel. Pendants and necklaces with stories behind them. Our distinctive designs are made with you in mind, so that you may express your individuality. 

At Eco925 we hand pick our gemstones from parcels to ensure each and every one is special. Which when combine with our intricate silversmithing creates a stunning piece of jewellery that you will fall in love with time and again.

Besides our unique designs, what separates our pendants and necklaces is that they are cast in eco-friendly recycled silver. Ensuring a much lower carbon footprint. On the rare occasion new material is needed, we have committed to only using fair trade silver or gold. We are registered under the fair trade goldsmiths foundation.

Every pendant and necklace that is sold at Eco925 comes with the assurance that we subject all our jewellery to the most stringent quality control testing. We are proud to stand by our jewellers fine craftsmanship and offer a twelve month warranty with every purchase. For T&C's see here.

We also guarantee the quality of our Stirling silver with our assay and purity mark of nine hundred and twenty five parts to the thousand (925) silver. So that you can rest in the knowledge that our silver jewellery has been tested to ensure is of the highest quality.

We also provide a free gift pouch and gift box with your purchase of a silver pendant or necklace. Which as you would expect is made from 100% recycled materials. To learn more about our gift packaging see here.

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