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Charity and Ethical Causes

Eco925 helping to protect our Earth

Here at Eco925 we believe in fairness to the Earth. That is why one of our chosen Charities are the Woodland Trust.

We do our upmost to give back to the earth by providing you with Bio-degradable recycled gift packaging, low carbon footprint materials & truly Eco-Friendly jewellery. This is why we have adopted an Equivalent exchange postage policy.


When delivering our goods we will always use 'eco-conamy' postage as it is more environmentally friendly. However we understand that in a modern day and age, that sometimes customers require a swifter delivery service. We offer this, but believe that if we burning more fuel and increasing the carbon footprint to get a quicker delivery, then we should also be giving something back to the Earth. Equivalent exchange. This will be at the cost of £2.00 whole British pound, which will be donated to the woodland trust:


Through the Woodland trust hundreds of trees and woodlands will be protected, restored and Re-Grown. This is why it is one our chosen charities for donation.


We also encourage you to donate to the Woodland trust of your own accord.

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Anti slavery logo

At Eco925 we also believe in a free and fair world for all to live in it. This is why we also support the Anti-Slavery charity. By Purchasing one of our exclusive 'Anti-Slave' Bangles you will be helping to protect against slavery around the world. Helping put a stop to human trafficing, forced labour and child slavery. We will donate £2.50 of our profit for every bangle sold. You can find our 'Anti-Slave' bangles here.


We encourge our customers to donate to the charity at their own free will at

Eco925 would like to clarify that we are in no way affiliated or endorsed by either of these charities and give of our own free will. If you are a charity with a similar cause to ours please get in touch via our contacts page.

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