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Bracelets and Bangles

Silver jewellery that is warm to the touch. Our green and sustainable bracelets and bangles can be know with pride, in the knowledge they are created using sterling purity Eco-silver. Each piece is substantially made so that you can feel the quality in comfort of wearing it. This way you know that every expertly polished, handcrafted jewellery piece is distinctively special.

About our Bracelets and Bangles

At Eco925 we are devoted to creating jewellery that when worn, tells a story. Our expertly designed, stunningly handcrafted bracelets and bangles use only the highest quality materials. 

As with all of our jewellery every piece is primarily cast from Eco-silver, which is recycled sterling quality silver. Which gives a far lower carbon foot print that using newly mine material. During the very few instances that new material is requires we have committed to only use fair trade precious metals as fair trade registered goldsmiths.

Our range of bracelets and bangles is ever expanding. Whether you are searching for a unique piece to wear on just those special occasions, or simply suitable piece for everyday wear. You are certain to find the right bracelet or bangle to cater for you needs. 

Every bracelet and bangle sold at Eco925 comes with our assurance that we subject all our jewellery to the most stringent quality control testing. We are proud to stand by our jewellers fine craftsmanship and offer a twelve month warranty with every purchase. For T&C's see here.

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